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October 20, 2011

sticky situation...

I'm having this dilemma right now. I despise, loathe, detest spiders and anything that resembles those creepy eight-legged blood suckers....except their webs. Maybe they take me back to Charlotte's Web, I don't know. I just know that whenever I see one, I want to just stare at it (and quietly pray it's creator is hidden from view). Especially with morning dew droplets clinging to its fibers.

This particular architect has set up shop outside my kitchen door. I've been watching it assemble its death-trap nightly, and then watch it get obliterated by giant moths and other bugs that careen into it. I've noticed that each night, the web gets bigger. I wonder if its maker is, too, getting bigger?.?.?... I don't have the heart, or will, to knock it down myself. But, apparently he must have sent out an email to his friends, because I noticed 2 additional webs tonight. I'm just not sure at what point I make the decision to evict.

golden egg...i mean pumpkin...

I came across this can of antique golf spray paint with the overabundance of craft materials in my garage, and then saw one of the kids' pumpkins. I figured I'd go for it. Thinking it turned out pretty cool, it sat on my lawn until it dried, where all the neighbors could see it. I sprayed the other pumpkin with a gold glitter to give it some sparkle! I was pretty proud of myself for doing something different...until the kids saw *their* pumpkins. Naturally, they freaked out a little until I reassured them we'd be getting more pumpkins. I was able to get back to that proud moment!