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October 22, 2015

Hello muffin pan.....

It's the little things... Like pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese frosting. The little things. Not a full loaf... At least not in this picture. 

It's been 3+ years since I've baked a cupcake. Sure, I got into the sugar cookie craze, but hung up my muffin pan. Until a few days ago. We had a baby shower at work for a coworker, and I was tired of the Costco cake. So I decided to make cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. With real buttercream frosting. So, so good. Tonight, I whipped up these guys.  Again, for some coworkers. If they stayed home, I might eat them all. But, that's what the loaf and extra frosting are for. 

August 2, 2015

"He died that day because his body had served its purpose. His soul had done what it came to do, learned what it came to learn, and then was free to leave."
—Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

February 8, 2015

Dog wash...

For a dog who loves water, bath time cracks me up. You would think he'd be in heaven... nice warm water, warm bubbly suds being massaged throughout his coat, towel service. Sheesh, this guy's got it made. But no, you'd think I was threatening a slow painful death.

February 2, 2015


Yesterday was game day, as is every Sunday. Just about every day is about basketball. The boy lives, breathes, eats, sleeps basketball. He's currently playing in 2 leagues and loves every minute of it. His game yesterday was probably his best game yet. He ended the game with 14 rebounds and 11 points. I look forward to seeing his passion for the game continue to grow.

January 11, 2015

Echosmith "Cool Kids" Parody - "Cool Moms"

I recently stumbled across this video that sums up most of us moms. The insecurities we struggle with and wanting to fit it with all those other "cool moms."  Being a full-time working mom, I definitely don't have the same friendships (or what I thought were friendships) as when I worked part-time and spent more time at my kids' school.  I've had to learn to thicken my skin, and not be so hyper-focused on all the stuff those other "cool moms" do together. I've had to find solace in the family I adore, and the friends who show time and time again that they are real friends. I try not to dwell on the what I don't have, but appreciate the things, and people, that I do.  Aside from the seriousness, this video made me laugh, and is so, so true!  In the end, I am one of the cool moms.


Best find at farmer's market this morning. It couldn't be more fitting, and synonymous with my morning. I purchased one of my favorite cookies from a stand; a coconut macaroon.  After chatting it up for a bit with the lady, she gave me another cookie "just because." I appreciated her kind gesture, and remembered this sign that I had seen earlier. I suppose I had better get those cookies in my hands!

January 10, 2015

Never Leave the Playground interview with Stephen Jepson

Saw this on Facebook this morning. What an inspiration! I better start planning out my new backyard!

whole30 denial....

Alright people...we know the drill. It's a new year, filled with resolutions (or failed ones), making it the "Year of Me." We've heard this story time and time again. Recently, I've sort of fallen off the wagon. With a recent back injury, I've really fallen off. At a recent trip to the doctor and stepping on the platform of death (the scale), I've realized how far I've fallen off. I follow blogs, Instagram posts, Facebook feeds to see what everyone's cooking. Whole 30, Paleo, Clean Eating, Low carb, blah, blah, blah. I just want to eat, but I don't want to diet. Being that I love to cook, seeing all these photos of the various "trends" in cooking, I get inspired.

So, I threw together this little concoction after seeing several variations. This one in particular came from a Whole30 Recipes site that I follow on Instagram. All it is is 4 brussel sprouts, a 1/4 of a fennel bulb sauteed in this ghee stuff (Clarified butter), which I'm so happy Trader Joe's now carries. In another pan, I fried a couple eggs coconut oil (Trader Joe's Coconut oil spray can). I cut up an avocado and threw that on a plate. It would have been much lower calorie had I not eaten the entire avocado, but it was starting to go bad, and it wouldn't last. The whole plate came out to 657 calories (much higher than I usually like). There ended up being way too much food. I think next time, I'll stick to the 1/2 avocado and only 1 egg, which will cut out about 225 calories. With the 3 pounds of salt I added, it was delicious!

I suppose this is a #whole30 meal, although that whole program is a bit scary (I love my wine and cheese a little too much). Here's to eating healthier, and taking better care of myself!