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August 26, 2013

National dog day...

Happy National Dog Day from Charlie. I think it's pretty awesome that there's something to celebrate every day of the year. I've included a little reminder to the right to remind us to celebrate daily. 

I take lots of photos of my dog, and what a good sport he is. This guy has to put up with so much from us. Thanks Charlie!  Lets celebrate with a treat!  

January 2, 2013


Some of you may already know Charlie (aka Chuck, Chuck Wagon, Chewbies, Chew, Chew Monster, Bubbies, Bubbs, Chew-mon, Chewbster). He's like one of my kids....if you yell enough or bribe him with treats, he'll listen. His latest mischief has been sneaking on the couch at night while we're asleep or when we're not home. Why we continue to leave him in house when we're not home is a mystery. Okay, maybe because we actually thought he might be a good guard dog with the Christmas presents. Well, in theory it was a good idea. The best part was waking up one morning to find he had not only slept on the couch, but puked on it as well. Seriously? He couldn't have had the courtesy to go barf in the toilet like most people? 

With all his quirks and mischievous behavior, we still love this guy to pieces. Happy New Year all!