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March 13, 2011

thin mint brownies...

With girl scout cookies season in full swing, I had to support my little Daisy Scout and purchase cookies. 12 boxes of thin mints later... no, I didn't eat all those, but I did order them all...I decided to try out this recipe. It's not the one you find on the GS website, but an even better one. I found this recipe on The Food Librarians blog, and I have to admit, they were quite delicious. Unfortunately, I did get to enjoy them as they were made for my kids' basketball coaches. What I did like about the, though, was the brownie really maintained its integrity and the thin mints added a nice hint of mint. Definitely a recipe I'll be using again...with 11-1/2 more boxes of thin mints, I think it might be a good idea!

Here's the recipe for those that want to give it a whirl...

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