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September 28, 2014

Dia de los muertos...

The basket that was donated. I'm not even sure who went home with them that night, but I hope they enjoyed them.
For the kids' Family Fun Night, I donated some sugar cookies for the Cake Walk. I threw together these Day of the Dead cookies, because I am obsessed with Sugar Skulls.  I definitely need to add some to my Halloween decor this year! I underestimated the time involved. I'm not sure why because creating any sugar cookie takes me hours, so I gave myself two days to complete these.  Each cookie took me about 30 minutes to decorate, but they were so worth it. I love the detail on each one. I learned my mistakes, and I'm excited to try these again with improvements!

The best part was getting to be creative and just throw on dots and swirls, along with choosing color combinations.
I liked the white on white, along with some of the swirls.
As they dried. I threw them in a container because I didn't want anything airborne to land on them (dust, grubby little kid fingers (haha), etc.)

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