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December 31, 2014


These are the moments that I realize that although he'll be a teenager soon, he's still my little boy. He still gives me hugs, still loves his back scratched, still loves his little stuffed animals. The 2 on the right were new ones he got for Christmas. He specifically asked for a new "Fur Ball," "Kitty," and "Birdie."  Birdie didn't quite make the cut, but Grumpy Cat and new Fur Ball did.

The original Fur Ball was from a trip we took 3 summers ago to Seattle...just the kids and me. We purchased them at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Birdie (on the left) was an Easter gift many years ago. I'm sure you can tell from the condition that's he's been around a while. :)

I use to worry that he'd be teased about them as he got older, but he's a smart kid. He keeps them to himself, along with his favorite "B's" (blankets), and plays it cool outside the house. But once home, he turns back into my baby boy and my heart fills up. 

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