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September 24, 2011


Where do I even begin? Wow... I was watching Barefoot Contessa the other day and Ina was making her signature chocolate chip cookies. My next day neighbor, being the sweetheart that he is, squeezed my daughter into his salon for a hair appointment, and while we were there, he mentioned something about liking dark chocolate. So, I've been wanted to try Ina's chocolate chip cookie recipe, so I added my own twist. I went to Trader Joe's, picked up a bar of 72% dark chocolate (the Pound Plus...17.6 ounces), chopped it up and threw that into the cookie dough.

Since I doubled the recipe, and I knew that my kids aren't huge fans of dark chocolate, so I split the dough before adding the chunks of chocolate, and made it two ways. The first being the dark, and a batch of semi-sweet. Wow, can you say yummy goodness? It put such a smile on my face, but I think I got an even bigger smile when I saw the excitement from my kids and my neighbors. There's just something truly blissful about making others happy around you.

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