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August 19, 2014


(front: pepperoni & olive/canadian bacon & fresh pineapple)
I have discovered a new love.  Yes, a food love.  Yes, a pizza love. Yes, a grill love. About a year ago, I purchased a super fancy granite pizza stone from Williams Sonoma. It was so cool, but completely intimidating.  I also had a crap grill that didn't deserve this royal treasure on it. So, it sat. It sat unloved. Then, for some occasion (yes, sad that I can't remember which), either Mother's Day or my birthday, or anniversary, I got a new grill.  A beauty of a grill. A Weber. My plan was to dig up this fancy pizza stone and use it on my new grill. And then life happened. I soon forgot about my fancy pizza stone.

Then, I was out one day and I saw this simple little pizza stone that came with rocker pizza knife and a peel (you know that large spatula thing for picking up pizza). It was on sale, so I figured what the heck. I pulled it out of the box, threw the stone on the grill and threw together a pizza. I rummaged through the fridge and grabbed whatever I could: leftover hot links, pineapple chicken sausage, red onion, mushrooms, pineapple, salami, pepperoni, olives, zucchini, etc., etc. I bought some pizza dough from Trader Joes and made away. I was hooked. I even had awesome leftovers....which ended up falling out of the fridge the next day onto the floor.  (sad face).

A couple weeks goes by bringing us to today. Driving home from work, I wanted homemade pizza-on-the-grill. I ended up making 4 different thin crust "pies." Can you call it a pie if it's thin crust? Hmmmm.. Anyhoo, I'm in love. It's so easy to make, and I keep getting better!  Better with my toppings, precooking the crust a bit, and cooking time. I'm in love. Love with food. Love with pizza-on-the-grill.
(slices of shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh figs)

(larger version of slices above)

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