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May 13, 2010


Things are starting to get crazy busy with the end of the year coming, and all the projects coming together (which I why you're not seeing too many posts lately). Hopefully, I'll be back on track once summer vacation arrives.
I found this really great blog that has all these ideas for packing bento-style box lunches. I'm trying to steer away from using so many ziploc baggies. I've even made some cloth snack sacks, which turned into E's personal cosmetic pouches. One of the ideas is to use the silicon cupcake holders to section off trays. Since I don't have them yet, I thought it would be okay to use paper cupcake wrappers in the meantime. I mean, come on...it's only a tree, right?
Needless to say, this change in the way lunch looks is exciting for the kids are they are actually eating the variety of things I can pack them. Maybe I'll get around to ordering them the $40 bento lunch boxes I've seen, so until then...this will have to do.

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