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November 30, 2011

rice, rice, everywhere...

This year, I've reinstated my monthly Friday, er, I mean Tuesday Happenings. Since I don't teach on Fridays anymore (haven't in 6 years), I had to change them to a day I do work, hence the Tuesday. Each month, I assign a material. For example, last month it was aluminum foil, and this month it's rice. The kids get to be as creative as they can, and come up with a project using that material. They can use other materials as well, but the highlighted material must be the most obvious. Along with the project, they have to write a 2 minute story that they present to the class about their project.

Now, in the past, I've had some pretty awesome projects, but this year, I am floored by the creativity, and the support these kids get at home. I look forward to their projects and the nervous excitement they get when it's their turn to present!

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