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November 15, 2011


The latest craze in social media seems to be the announcement of all the things people are thankful for. I guess it is that time of year. I had my 4th graders do this *I am thankful for* project. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Most of the responses are pretty basic, but I still love my that students took the time to decorate their feathers. (Okay, so I assigned it for homework and they HAD to bring them back). :)

Anyway, here's a brief list of things that I am thankful for (yup, I'm jumping on the bandwagon):
-my family (duh, right?)
-my so-called health
-my keurig
-that i have a place of my own to come home to every day
-that i can still enjoy a few minutes of peace
-that i can laugh at myself
-for my tastebuds
-for my ability to replicate cool projects
-for my daughter's beautiful voice
-for my son's ability to figure out math problems in a way i could never dream of

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