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March 25, 2010

fry diddy...

For those of you that aren't in on the joke...bare with me on this one. A few drinks in, the discussion of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution came up and we started talking about this lady who apparently fries everything, even making her kids homemade fried donuts every morning. So, I whipped out the comment I've got a fry daddy. That started all the jokes...and wayyyy too much laughter. We talked about frying twinkies, donuts, bacon, and even lettuce...yes, I said lettuce. That was clearly a joke. But, still too funny to describe now. The convo turned to carrying a portable Fry Daddy (appropriately nicknamed the Fry Diddy) in my purse, then in my coat pocket, etc. You see where this going...to crazyland!!! I couldn't help but bust out the this my Fry Diddy is my WT fondue. Yeah, Amy, I know you're cracking up right now!!! It was just one of those conversations that took place amongst a little drinking and other crazy talk I'm too embarrassed to bring up. Needless to say, the tears were rolling with laughter and I'm sure the nine of us were irritating the other patrons and staff. Oh, and the next time you eat at Chili's, ask them to leave a pitcher of water on your table!

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