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March 26, 2010

funny gals...

Meet Lori and Sandra...two of my clan of gal pals that I meet every Friday for coffee at Peet's. This is their high school prom pose. Notice the head tilt? Impressive, right? They are clearly pro's at prom poses! Even better, they are part of my gab group. Yup, we're the mommies who monopolize all the tables and chairs at Peet's; some with little ones in tow, wreaking havoc on those who come to try to get work done. We chat, share news, giggle and laugh very much out loud, pick up flying plastic bugs, slinky's, or hot wheels without blinking an eye. We're the mommy's of morgan hill. That is, until, Lori, jumps ship and heads to the rainy city to be with her long-lost hubby. I say I'll miss her, but I have to say I'm a teeny-tiny bit giddy...only because I'll now have a place to go and visit. (no offense, Jenn Mac...I swear I'm planning a trip to see you, too...maybe spring break?). Needless to say, they are part of what makes my day so bright.

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