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March 19, 2010

seriously...this sh!t exists?...

After school today, we grabbed a couple of our friends and jammed down to the aquarium to spend the rest of the afternoon. After going last Friday, I couldn't get the seahorse exhibit out of my head. Connor was sooo excited to share it with his sister and our friends, that there is clearly something incredibly special about it. There's just something about these little creatures that is almost euphoric. I mean seriously...this stuff exists in our world? It just makes me realize how big our planet is, and that there is so much that I know nothing about. I suppose I should realize how fortunate we are to have such an amazing educational aquarium nearby. We are eagerly anticipating the opening of their new exhibit, "Hot Pink Flamingos...Stories of Hope in a Changing Sea," set to open in a week. Another reminder of how amazing and precious our earth is.

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