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April 1, 2010

proud mama...

Do you think it's a weird statement to say that I'm proud of my boy because he can shoot a BB gun, right? Well, suck it! Connor attended a cub scout outing for the day in which he learned to shoot BB guns and do archery. The morning session was all about BB guns...learning the proper way to enter a range, to sitting, loading, shooting, and disassembling. I was a bit nervous at first, but when I saw the confidence that C exuded, I couldn't help but be the proud mama. Before lunch, he got a chance to earn his BB gun badge. Basically, he had the above mark and had to score 35 points using only 5 BBs. He ended up scoring 41. Not many of the of other boys got that high, and we were a bit nervous about the uncoordinated little boy next to him. Basically, it any of the boys hit a target other than their own, both boys would be disqualified. Fortunately, he didn't hit Connor's target, although I don't think he hit his own, either.

The afternoon session was all about archery. Connor didn't like it as much...probably because it took some muscles, and the BBs were easier for him. I got to try out a little archery myself and did pretty good. At least I hit the target! Yay! It was a great day of just mama & son in the great outdoors with old friends and even made some new ones!

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