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April 9, 2010


Several weeks ago, we went to some friend's to plant some seeds. I think I posted about it, but with my multiple blogs... who can keep track anymore? Anyhoo, I finally separated all the little seedlings and put them in their very own containers to continue growing. So, here's a breakdown of what we planted. I'm not really sure why we planted some, but anhoo...it was a great idea at the time: yellow cucumber, carrots, sweet pea (flowers), radish, beets, and some unknown bean. From the Charter School veggie sale, we purchased 3 types of peppers (sweet and hot), and a yellow cherry tomato plant. From the local garden center, we purchased 3 zucchini (2 different types), a roma tomato; and then from my mom's neighbor we received an avocado tree, a fig tree, a bay tree, and an almond tree. I think we need a bigger yard.

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