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April 4, 2010

fashion faux pas...

My kids are clearly not leaders in the world of fashion, however, they do what they gotta do to get out there and collect those Easter goodies. When asked to get shoes on this morning, this is what I got. First, I'd like to point out C's size 4T jammy bottoms that are now knickers on him. Oh, and who needs socks when you've got fuzzy Croc liners. Then there's E's illusion of what shoes are. She originally wasn't going to wear shoes because, hey, her jammies have feet, right? When I insisted that her jammy feet were not shoes, she proceeded to grab these beauties. What can I say? Who cares that mom has a camera to document a childhood tradition to share with future generations! Like I said...it's all about the goods left by that shy wittle wabbit. Happy Easter, all!

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