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April 11, 2010

funny eatin'...

Little kids have always cracked me...especially their eating habits. This is an example of E's apple eating. Fortunately for this apple, I sliced it. You should see the number she does on a whole apple. I've always wondered at what age do they figure out to bite the edges first, rather than dive right to the center. The food on both cheeks just baffles me. Then again, I have seen adults with this child-like habit, so maybe I shouldn't single out kids. C has always had some funky eating habits. Several years ago at his preschool conference, his teacher made the comment, "I've never seen food fly when a child eats." That was our realization that we actually had a mongrel on our hands. He's since been nicknamed "Slurp." He likes to take tiny bites and crumbs literally fly. It would be quite fascinating to a scientist. Anyhoo, this abandoned apple slice cracked me up because it really sums up in a nutshell how my kids eat.

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