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April 3, 2010

a little handcrafting...

With E's 5th birthday coming up in a few weeks, I started working on the invitations. We're going with an Alice in Wonderland theme...planning a Mad Hatter Tea party. We decided to go that route because all the little girls are all into tea parties right now, and E really wanted to have a tea party. We've been to a farm tea party, several princess tea parties, and so on. Therefore..mad hatter tea party it is. I handcrafted the invitations using a frosted cardstock in a variety of patterns that I traced and cut into the shape of a top hat. I then used a fabric strip above the brim and an embellished flower with a rhinestone in the middle. I tried to keep all the colors very muted to relay the drab, boring "real" world. Then, once they pass through the "Ghione Rabbit Hole" and enter Wonderland, everything will be brightly colored. For the informational part of the invitation, I used a script font and I found a white rabbit black & white image. To make them a little more eclectic, I hand drew swirls on the top of each invitation card, and then used the "Jenn Mac" effect and dabbed the sides onto a gold stamp-pad (my girl friend JM would do this one all her scrapbooking stuff, so we appropriately named it that). The informational cards were inserted under the fabric strip of the hat where the Mad Hatters card is usually placed. To make 19 invitations took about 5 hours to complete, but I'm pleased at how they turned out.

I'll have more details about the upcoming party, and more pictures to come.

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