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April 26, 2010

decorations complete...

The table was finally set...except for the brightly colored hats that were placed on everyone's chair. The lanterns were hung, the butterflies attached, the clocks set to tea time were hung, place settings were set, etc., etc., etc. The colors turned out amazing and everything was all that I had envisioned. I loved that I had friends offering to help, but I have recently realized that I am that creative-scatter-brain type. I try so hard to make lists and be organized, but I am not. All my ideas float in my head until I create. There are no sketches, no lists, nothing. I had friends and my dear mother who wanted to help so badly, but I couldn't even give them a task (except for my mom who pretty much cleaned my house, and my friend, nicknamed Radmatazz, who saved the party with her little plush mouse and sour cream for the strawberries.

Here is a link to the pics from the day of the party. I have more on another camera, plus more of the planning process, which I've blogged briefly about.

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