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February 27, 2010

paper boat...

On Friday, Connor's class had their Chinese New Year celebration...okay, a couple weeks late, but still worth the wait. One of the moms, Karen, amazed me. She went to every boy and girl in our class, took their chopstick wrappers, and folded them into little paper boats. Naturally, it was the highlight for all the kids. Watching her and seeing how all the kids thought she was a rock star was just too much.

It was great hanging out and chatting with her, too. She's Chinese, but married a Korean who grew up in Hawaii. Her parents owned a Chinese restaurant growing up...and making these little paper boats is something she did for her parent's restaurant as a kid. It was neat listening to her. I'm trying to do that more...listen. I have a horrible memory, and usually something they say kicks my mind into high gear off somewhere else. But, I'm trying to be more attentive. Everyone's got a story. I'm learning that! But, Karen...she's one cool chic!

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