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February 14, 2010


My favorite group of mommies got together yesterday to do our Secret Valentine's reveal, have lunch, and see the movie Valentine's Day. First off, I was spot on with my guess, and I loved every surprise she left me. Of course, being a mommy, I received a couple of crafts for the kids, and some shamrocks for my metal tree in the entry (which she knew I was looking for!). Then, at our reveal, I received the most scrumptious chocolate chip cookies ever, a bottle of wine (the one we typically share whenever I'm over at her place for a playdate), and a frame with a photo of our last trip to Aptos...things that all have some type of special meaning and a wonderful memory.

It was fun this year because another gal and I did a little conspiring...giving each other a little help and ideas to throw our recipients off. In the end, I think it worked, which made the game that much more fun.

We had a great afternoon together...chatting, sharing onion strings and sweet potato fries with our burgers, and finishing off the afternoon with the movie, Valentine's Day. What a great movie. I hadn't laughed that much since I saw The Hangover. Of course, I shed a brief tear which made the movie that much better. Probably the most memorable line...which was just a small snipped of hilarious one-liners was, "Do you know Moorpark is spelled backwards?" as they passed the street sign. Too funny.

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