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January 9, 2010

awesome day...

I don't even know where to begin! I had that great of a day. It started with a morning walk with some mommy friends. This walk and the great conversation that came with it led to the photo above. Yup, we bought Emma rollerblades. So, my friend Lori and I were chatting about teaching the girls to rollerblade. The next thing we knew, we made plans to head down the the sporting goods shop and pick up a pair. I ended up getting a pair for Connor, too. I'll get myself a pair...in time! Emma was soo super excited about her new rollerblades. She kept trying to pull away from me so she could go on her own. I was a little nervous, but so proud of her confidence at the same time.

We then headed up to Hollister Hills to watch Connor ride with vroom-vroom (dirt bike) around the track. It's so neat seeing how good he's gotten, and how much he loves to ride.

Later in the day, Connor, Daddy, and Papa got together to start working on his wooden car that he needs to build for the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby. Connor designed the car, and Papa showed him all the cool tools to cut and sand the wood. It was a great moment watching 3 generations of Ghiones working together. I get to work with Connor next...the painting, then it'll go back to Daddy and Papa to add the wheels.

We're ending the day with the family gathering to watch the season opener of Supercross on t.v. I doubt we'll all make it to the end, but having our family together is making memories.

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