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January 16, 2010


Looking at all the medication and my heading, "committed," one would think I ought to be in the hospital right now. Yeah, this flu, cold, sinus infection, or whatever it is is kicking my ass. I've now been bed-ridden two days barely able to scoot my shivering behind 5 feet to the latrine. So, I actually use the word committed because of this blog. Now, I kept asking myself how can one find happiness in the world of the living dead? Then, it hit me. Once I popped my 2 pills and multiple sinus sprays, I started to feel like I could breathe again. Then, I looked deeper. Reflecting on yesterday's post, I was blessed once again, but this time by family. I guess we tend to think that it's our family's "job" to take care of when we're ill, when really, it's a sacrifice that they make from their daily routines. My hubby drove around town all day toting the kids to their basketball games, back and forth to the grocery store and the pharmacy to get me meds, and the numerous trips back and forth to the bedroom acting as my personal assistant.

And, I can't forget my mom, who already makes sacrifices every day with her compromised health. Yet, her priorities lie with her kids and grand kids. My mom was here yesterday evening to make sure the kids were staying out of my hair (bless her heart), and she came today to take them for the night...giving me some peace and quiet. So, there is a light at the end of this tumultuous hell of a tunnel, and for that I smile.

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