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January 12, 2010

pizza night...

It's Tuesday, and it's pizza night! Well, I should clarify and say that this is the 2nd Tuesday in a row that we've had pizza. We recently learned that the pizza place a couple blocks from our house has 1/2 off pizzas on Tuesday. I know, right? So, with the kids not feeling well, and with the three of us actually having a relaxing day off watching movies all day...what better way than to top off the evening with pizza. It also brings the whole family together (well, okay, not at the actual dinner table, but in the same house) for a family meal. Out of today's illnesses, came some great family time, and the best part...I didn't do a single thing to try to clean my house today! I just spent it with the kids (oh, and I snuck in a little nap, too)! Happy day! Happy day!

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