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January 19, 2010

colors make me happy...

Today, against my better judgment, I went to work. I really should've remained in bed, but I had a big grade level planning meeting scheduled for 1/2 the work day and I didn't want to miss it. When I got to work, I found that I had 9 kids absent. Who knows if it was the weather or the fact that most schools are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria (apparently, the .02% that the antibacterial gels don't kill got to me). With so few kids and recess being restricted due to the weather, I thought I'd throw in an art lesson. What the heck, right?

A friend of mine told me about these fantastic art books, the I Love to... series. I ordered three of said books. 1) I Love to Draw, which Connor loves and wouldn't put down this evening...even did a few pretty good drawings; 2) I Love to Collage; and 3) I Love to Paint. I brought them to work with me and found a basic watercolor project. Since I had to leave for my meeting, I only had a short time to go over a little bit of technique.

So, I started with my sample (above). A bit choppy, okay. Mind you, the pencil marks are only there to show the kids where to start. I told them to, "sketch lightly," a skills they have yet to master. But none-the-less, they did a fantastic job. Some got the concept...most didn't. Of my favorites (because teachers NEVER have favorites), were two that came from kids that are such different poles, it's crazy. The first came from the straight-A, always listens, never talks, autistic boy, and the other from my troubled, I've been warned to wear my running shoes because he'll dash out the door when confronted, boy (the latter being my most favorite). I think what was so shocking was for this little boys troubled and confused existence, he chose the most soothing colors and worked the technique. It was truly beautiful, and something in today's simple, last-minute, rushed art lesson brought me closer to him.

Little samples of my boys' work (they were just too good to leave out):
IMG_5941.JPG IMG_5940.JPG
I do have to say, these did not photograph well at all. They are much better in "person."

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