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January 13, 2010

bed head...

While I was out on yard duty at work today, I noticed this kid playing...as happy as a clam. His hair is what caught my eye. His hair was disheveled, but he didn't have a care in the world about it. He was running and kicking a ball with the happiest of intentions. I think I'm going to try that one day...just roll out of bed, throw on whatever, and head out...not worrying about what other's think. Wow, imagine that...a world with no worries. That's my kind of world.

On a separate note, my girlfriend sent me a text message that she's in the hospital getting ready to deliver her first child. I popped in to see her and ended up staying for almost 4 hours. My next door neighbor was in the same hospital, but with much unhappier reasons. I wish them both well, and Cheryl...I can't wait to meet baby Lex!

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