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January 14, 2010


What a day today was. Everyone, meet Lex! How can you not be happy and filled with joy on a day like this! Lex is the newborn of a friend of mine who was born this morning at 10:36am. I woke up this morning planning on heading to the hospital to see how she was doing. She was admitted yesterday, and with it being her first, we figured it would be a while. So, before I headed over I sent her a text. She didn't reply, so I knew that was good news.

As I had arriving at the hospital, Lex was being delivered. I got to hang out with the new mommy and daddy while Lex was in the nursery. It was nice having a little bit of time with them (actually more time since I spent about 4 hours with them last night in the hospital).

Today definitely took me back to the birth of my babies. Being in the labor and delivery room and seeing all the equipment and what my friend went through brought back some great memories, and the stories started to flow. I've been filled with a happy tingle today and was again amazed at how something so beautiful and innocent is welcomed into this world. Lex is a lucky guy to have some great parents. Yeah....it was a great day!

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