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January 2, 2010


Who ever thought of chopping up a garbage-eating, mud covered animal into thin slices and then frying it up until it's crispy heaven? That's about as brilliant an invention as the light bulb. I say this as I sit in a dark room with only my computer and a plate of bacon...crunching away and licking the greasy tid-bits from my fingertips.

Yes, as unhealthy as it is, bacon is probably the single best thing that ever existed. Seriously, it's a simple pleasure, yet so versatile. I have to admit, I did something very indulging this morning, and came upon a new delicacy...simply by accident. While I was making breakfast this morning, I stumbled upon a bar of dark chocolate on my "goodie" tray in my kitchen. I couldn't help but sneak a small piece. Being completely impatient, I also snuck a piece of bacon as I cooked the batch. With dark chocolate residue still in my mouth, I took a bite of bacon. I can barely describe how yummy it was... the salty/sweet, the creamy/crunchy...mmmmm.

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