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January 15, 2010

feeling the love...

I was a little worried today after returning home from coffee with a girlfriend of mine, and I started to feel a little under the weather. Well, as the day progressed, I started feeling worse and worse...chills, horrible headache, and a cough that is keeping me from sleeping. I had plans with some friends tonight that I was so looking forward to, but I didn't want to expose anyone to this, so I had to cancel. I sent a text message to the same girlfriend I met up with this morning to let her know.

I then got a sweet text message her asking what I needed from the store since she was going. I declined figuring my hubby would get me what I needed when he picked up the kids (only to find my mom grabbed them instead).

Coming out of a light nap, Emma came in my room super excited saying, "Mavi's mommy brought you a present." She carried an adorable purple deco gift bag filled with cans of chicken noodle soup, tea, and honey...a care package, if you will. I as floored by the generosity, and every day I take on this endeavor of finding happiness, I am blessed with the generosity of friends. So, here I sit, blogging my entry for the day, sipping my wonderful Jasmine tea that is warming not only my body, but my heart as well. Cyndi, thank you so much for being such a caring and wonderful friend, and for being a part of my life. Love you!

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