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January 30, 2010

toss up...

Okay, so today, was a toss up day for choosing a photo (and the day's not even over yet). So, here's the low-down. This morning I woke up super irritated with my hair, so being the impulsive person that I am, I pulled out my hair sheers and started giving myself "layers." I haven't actually looked to see how it came out, but after I did it, I just started laughing. Maybe I'm going neurotic...who knows. I just thought the experience was pretty funny.

The other pictures I chose comes from a field near my house. With all the rain and the appearance of the sun, all the mustard weed is popping up. And, it is pretty amazing. I'm hoping all the mustard lasts until Spring because that's when I do my kids' "wildflower" pictures. I might have to buy their outfits early this year.

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